PetSitting & Dog Boarding

Established Mar. 2001

Serving Lorain, Amherst, Avon, Avon Lake, Sheffield (others on request)


Pet Care in your Home

Why Use Our PetSitting Services?

No need to transport your pet(s), leaving you with more time and less to worry about.
You won't be worried that your friends or neighbors will forget to check on your pets.
Having us enter your home at various times can act as a crime-deterrent.
Your pet(s) will be in caring, capable hands while you're away.
You can even have us bring in your mail and water your plants.
Your pet(s) won't be subjected to unnecessary changes in environment.  They can remain in their normal, secure surroundings.
Your pet(s) can remain on their normal diet.
Less anxiety and stress when no travel is involved.
Since your pet(s) will stay at home, they won't be exposed to illnesses carried by other animals.
Your pet(s) will still receive the love and attention they need and deserve while you're away!

How it works?

 When you call JeddersPetters, a visit to your home is arranged prior to your needing services to:

Meet you and your pet(s)

Get detailed information about caring for them

 Pick up a key to your home or apartment

Receive Payment 

Once you're established as a client, JeddersPetters can keep your key on hand and future services are scheduled with a phone call.

Please call at least 2-3 weeks before you're scheduled to leave town.  

During holidays and summer months, it's best to give at least one month notice.


Fully Insured